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Heavy Duty Drivetrain Transmissions

Premier Truck Parts builds its transmissions with quality in mind. From the parts that we use to our entire remanufacturing process, we work to deliver the best possible transmissions to all of our customers. Premier offers a wide range of makes and models of remanufactured exchange transmissions, including Eaton Fuller, Meritor / Rockwell, Spicer TTC and Mack.


In addition to our large inventory of exchange units, we offer an in-house rebuilding service of your own units, which often helps our customers save money.

Premier can accommodate your needs in upgrading or modifying your components for specific applications, such as:

  • Addition of transmission overdrive gears
  • Transmission upgrades to handle more horsepower and torque
  • Installation of end yokes and bell housings
  • Addition of oil coolers, filters and heat exchangers

Premier remanufactured transmissions are covered with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Every remanufactured and rebuilt transmission is tested on our recently upgraded Axiline Dynometer to ensure its quality.

  • Heavy Duty Transmission Upgrades
  • Remanufactured Heavy Duty Transmissions
  • Rebuilt Heavy Duty Transmission
We proudly utilize Transmissions parts from:
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Heavy Duty Differentials

Premier Truck Parts has been delivering quality workmanship for over 25 years. We offer a wide range of available units, makes and models of rebuilt exchange units.

In addition to our large selection of exchange units, we also offer a Premier in-house rebuilding service of your own units.

Premier can accommodate any need you may have in upgrading or modifying your components for specific applications, such as:

  • Gear ratio changes
  • Installation of end yokes
  • Addition of Axle-Locking Units
  • Addition of Two-Speed Units


If you need to replace a worn out or broken differential or are looking to upgrade your components, Premier can take care of you with in-house repairs.

Our service center can properly diagnose your failures and will give you options to add/delete locking differentials or change gear ratios to help your fuel efficiency.

New Differentials
Premier Truck Parts is a supplier for new OE differential carriers from Dana Spicer and Meritor. All new differentials come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Differential Accessories
Premier Truck Parts carries new and used axle shafts as well as remanufactured thru shafts to accompany our differentials.

  • New Heavy Duty Differentials Supplier
  • Heavy Duty Gear Ratio Change
  • Heavy Duty Differential Rebuild
We proudly utilize Differentials parts from:
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Heavy Duty Power Steering Service

Premier Truck Parts’ Power Steering Department is second to none. Our technicians are highly skilled at rebuilding many power steering components including:

  • Gear boxes: Sheppard, Ross/TRW, Saginaw, ZF and more
  • Power steering pumps: Eaton, LUK, Parker, TRW, Vickers, ZF and more
  • Steering assist cylinders


Our steering department bench tests all remanufactured gear boxes and pumps to make sure they meet or exceed factory specifications. We have the ability to diagnose and troubleshoot any power steering issues you may have.

Premier Remanufactured Units are covered with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty. 

  • Remanufactured Heavy Duty Power Steering Units
  • Rebuilt Heavy Duty Power Steering Components
  • Remanufactured Gear Boxes and Pumps
We proudly utilize Power Steering parts from:
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Heavy Duty Driveline Service

Premier Truck Parts understands the importance of properly balanced drivelines. With the help of our Meritor Driveline Manufacture System, our authorized technicians are ready to provide excellent service and knowledge that will get you back on the road.

Our driveline staff is experienced in building driveline products, including:

  • Heavy duty semi-truck applications: Spicer SPL and Meritor RPL
  • Construction and off-road equipment
  • Steering joints and slip shafts
  • Agricultural drivelines
  • Medium duty applications
  • Constant velocity shafts
  • P.T.O. shafts
  • Custom drive shafts made to your specifications and measurements


Some features of our Driveline Remanufacture System that help Premier stand out include:

  • Driveline balancing at vehicle operating speeds up to 3,600 RPM to detect the smallest vibrations
  • Computerized balancing that measures digital angle and amount of driveline vibration to provide precision balancing
  • An automatic, hydraulically-powered Cut - Pull - Push - Yoke Press, which helps speed up repairs by as much as 70% over competitors’ methods
  • Tubing dressed and chamfered prior to welding to ensure proper strength and workmanship.
  • A welder /straightener, which allows for variable speed rotation of drive shafts to provide stronger and more precisely aligned welds

Plus, Premier Truck Parts uses Genuine Parts to restore your drivelines to original factory specifications.

  • Meritor Driveline Manufacture System
  • Heavy Duty Driveline Balancing
  • Custom Heavy Duty Drive Shafts
We proudly utilize Driveline parts from:
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Heavy Duty Remanufactured Transfer Cases

Premier Truck Parts has a great deal of experience remanufacturing transfer cases. We stock several remanufactured transfer cases, including Spicer, Fabco, Cushman, and Cotta, and we have the ability to troubleshoot any transfer case issue you may have and rebuild your transfer case.

All of our remanufactured transfer cases come with a one-year, unlimited mileage warranty.

In addition to our remanufactured transfer case program, we sell new OE transfer cases from Spicer, Fabco and Cotta, which each come with a manufacturer’s limited warranties.



We proudly utilize Transfer Cases parts from:
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Heavy Duty Power Take Off Service

Premier Truck Parts has been rebuilding PTOs for years, and we have the knowledge and experience to quickly rebuild your Muncie or Chelsea PTO. We provide quick turnaround times on all rebuilt PTOs.


Types of PTOs we rebuild on a daily basis include:

  • Clutch shift
  • Reversing
  • Automatic transmission
  • Power shaft
  • Split shaft
  • Gear adapters

Premier Truck Parts also rebuilds industrial PTOs, including Twin Disc and Rockford. 

  • Power Take Off Rebuild
  • Industrial Power Take Off Rebuild
  • Gear Adapter PTO Rebuild
We proudly utilize Power Take Offs parts from:
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Heavy Duty Hydraulic Service

Our Hydraulic Division offers full service for remanufactured and new hydraulic components. From cylinders and pumps to valves and motors, we can help with all of your fluid power needs.

Our staff has years of experience and knowledge of industrial and heavy duty hydraulic components, and we’re capable of providing you with the highest quality hydraulic components. We specialize in repairs of heavy industrial cylinders of all applications and sizes.


Premier’s Hydraulic Division prides itself on excellent service as well as our fast turnaround on all components. All rebuilt units are fully tested, if applicable. With our ability to torque fasteners up to 100,000 ft lbs., no job is too large for our equipment.

  • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Rebuild
  • Heavy Industrial Cylinder Repair
  • Remanufactured and New Hydraulic Component Service
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Heavy Duty Clutches

We carry several brands of new Clutches, including Eaton, Euclid and PAI. These clutches meet the highest performance standards and offer the latest technologies available. We only stock the best quality parts, and our clutches are no different.


We have various styles of clutches, including Solo, Easy Pedal, Manual Adjustment, VCTplus and the Ultrashift DM Heavy Duty Clutch. All of our clutches are priced competitively, come with a manufacturer’s limited warranty, and are ready to be picked up, delivered or shipped today.

  • Highest Performance Standard Clutches
  • Quality Clutches Priced Competitively
We proudly utilize Clutches parts from:
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Heavy Duty Flywheel Service

Premier's Flywheel Department can quickly and professionally resurface any flywheel. Our large inventory of stock flywheels and dual flywheel cutting machines provide quick turnaround to keep your service projects moving.


Premier stocks new replacement flywheels for Mack, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel, Volvo, Navistar, Ford, and GM.

  • Heavy Duty Flywheel Resurfacing
  • New Replacement Heavy Duty Flywheels
We proudly utilize Flywheels parts from:
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New Drivetrain Parts

Premier Truck Parts carries an array of new drivetrain-related parts. Our inside sales staff is experienced in helping you find the right parts fast. Most of these parts are available over the counter, but also can be installed if needed.


Some of those new parts include:

  • End yokes
  • Axle shafts
  • Clutch brakes
  • Pilot bearings

Premier Truck Parts is a distributor for Muncie Power Products. We stock many of Muncie’s mobile power components and parts, including Power Take-Offs and Pumps.

  • New Drivetrain Part Installation
  • Mobile Power Components and Parts
  • Spicer Heavy Duty Drivetrain Parts
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